Alabama CNA’s Shout Out

In the collapsing US healthcare system nurses are at a pivotal point in tipping the scales in favor of healthcare reform. But registered nurses are going to lose this opportunity if the profession can’t pull together. We all have the same goal in mind and must end what appears to be the lateral violence that is preventing us from moving forward.

Registered nurses are not the only players here that need to speak out. The backbone of an RN’s work rides on the strength of her certified nurses assistant (CNA). When most people think of the word “nurse” it doesn’t always mean “registered nurse”. The work of a CNA must be treated with much respect by RNs. Do we have any responsibility to see that it happens? Maybe we do.

I came across this post by Dave Jamison from his blog on Huffington Post. It describes how a small group of CNAs in the right-to-work state of AL took the cause of collective bargaining into their own hands.

“Specialty Healthcare” is the case they brought before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for investigation on behalf of the AL group of CNAs that Jamison recounts. It has caused great controversy across party lines because it displays that healthcare workers, across the board and in every state, have the power to change the system.

We can keep the momentum rolling forward if we stay united. We will waver along the way — it’s human nature. But if in unison our collective Shout Out is loud enough, it will be heard.


© Julia Gallant McConnell and Julia5150, 2012.

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