Las Vegas Hangover Remedy

*Note: I published a version of this post yesterday but after thinking about what I’d written I decided to repost it with some changes to better reflect my thinking. 

I read about the doctor in Las Vegas that operates “Hangover Heaven” in Time magazine the other night and easily found this article online (in link above). I would bet (no pun intended) that a lot of clinicians have thought of doing this as a business but for one reason or another chose not to.

Hangover Heaven is a mobile office that roams through the streets of Vegas providing hangover relief to “patients” by offering a bag or two of IV solutions for rehydration that includes a vitamin cocktail. They could be saving lives, or extending them, or I could even go so far as to say protracting them. But the purpose of the business is to get people sobered up and feeling better so they can continue to party. Something is wrong with that picture and I think it has to do with medical ethics.

The Hangover, if you haven’t seen it, is a funny movie about four good friends and their wild bachelor party. I liked the movie and laughed all the way through it. Of course, it’s all about the partying they did in Vegas. How many bachelor parties are held in Vegas following the release of the movie? Plenty, I’m sure.

There is another movie that takes place in Vegas that starred Nicolas Cage called “Leaving Las Vegas”. It was raw and bleak. Cage played the role of an alcoholic and it was a painful and pretty darned accurate portrayal of this terrible illness. Quite the opposite of The Hangover.

I am currently working on a new post to follow this one that addresses the problem of substance abuse in young people in our country. There are new statistics available and it’s a deadly serious problem. Not a new problem, but our country needs to get a grip. Hollywood and much of the media keeps on glorifying alcohol and drug abuse despite the terrible impact its having on kids and young adults.

This is the first blog I have done and it’s a learning process. First and foremost I’m a healthcare provider and my job is to educate others about health issues. The subject of my blog is nurses and US healthcare and that is my focus.

© Julia Gallant McConnell and Julia5150, 2012.

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