The Politics of Caring

“The Politics of Caring”

An oil lamp, the symbol of nursing in many cou...

Almost 40 years ago this superb video called “the Politics of Caring” (link above) was made by a group of progressive nurses who wanted to broadcast their message of hope for the future of the profession. They tell their story via narratives, interviews and film clips.

Jo Ann Ashley is my new nurse hero. I read her bio online just now and cannot believe this is the first time I have heard of her. I strongly encourage nurse educators to please show this video and add Ashley to that list of nurses in history that we should know about.

I came across the video on a website called NurseManifest NurseManifest. It’s well worth the time to watch the video — and pass it along.

Nurses are still talking about the same problems and even though there are so many of us we still can’t come up with a solution. Which we could, we know what it is; we just have to act collectively. How many more decades have to pass before there is change? Will it ever happen? We need enormous political action and a lot more Jo Ann Ashley’s.

© Julia Gallant McConnell and Julia5150, 2012.

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