Flip-Flops, Bombers and Bake Sales

I posted only a few days ago about Operation Flip-Flops. And then last night on my way home I drove by Sunflower Cafe on Ashley River Road in Charleston — and nearly drove into the river when I read their sign. I hopped out of my car and took this photo to show readers that this is a real story, and it’s right in my backyard. The American flag was hanging from the side — damp and heavy from our humid summer heat. The flag look tired, worn out, and sad, as did the letters that spelled out the message.

Although here in SC we do rally behind our troops — maybe even more so than for Clemson or Carolina football — so a GIANT KUDOS goes out from me to Sunflower Cafe for their efforts to assist this cause.

As I understand it, Georgia Walton-Floyd, a 22-year old Air Force medic stationed in Afghanistan, called her mom (Brenda Frye) in Monck’s Corner, SC from Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan earlier this year to say something to the effect of “Mom! My patients don’t have any shoes to wear in our hospital. Please tell everyone back home to send us some flip-flops.” If SC were to have a State Shoe Style it would flip-flops, no doubt. So she made the right call on both counts.

Operation Flip-Flops has a Facebook page and if you’d like to help or show your support (or concern) check it out. Hundreds of pairs have been sent to Bagram Air Force Base according to a local Charleston news station.

“It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.” I guess we can add hospital shoes for injured soldiers in there somehow…

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