Guest Blog: Nowzad by Laura For Nowzad

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

It all started in Afghanistan with a British Royal Marine, a dog fight, and a mature fighting dog.  Lucky for Pen Farthing and Nowzad (the dog) he was able to create a small safe area for him to stay.  Though at the time Nowzad was fierce, territorial and willing to fight for his dinner, hardly a pet. Other dogs near the base somehow understood that within that fence there was safety for their puppies. Through communications with Mayhew International they were able to forge a way for the pups to come to England.  Pen was able to arrange transport for the dogs to safety in Kabul.  You can read the entire story, from Britain to Afghanistan and back in “One Dog at a Time” by Pen Farthing from the Nowzad The tale is likely to make you cry both sad and happy tears.

After returning to Britain Pen and…

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  1. Thank you Julia for Re-Blogging this! Nowzad does wonderful work, not just for our soldiers, but for the Afghani people and their dogs.

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