Treating the Root Causes: Primary Prevention and the Sandy Hook Shootings

sandy hook studentsHearing about today’s tragic school shooting once again brings media and political chatter about toughening gun laws in the US. I’ve just heard Obama commenting on the shooting and he mentions the need to crack down on gun laws but no mention of the root causes of  these horrific crimes.

Causes: Societal breakdown in the US. Solutions: Education, healthcare — and mental healthcare — for all,  jobs, after-school programs, housing, living wages, eliminate hunger. That’s for starters. It’s called Primary Prevention, of which I doubt the 20-year-old young man who pulled the trigger today had access to —  and if he did, it was probably minimal.

The families of Sandy Hook would have all been sitting down to dinner this evening, talking about plans for the weekend, reading stories at bedtime. The children would have been tucked into bed and kissed goodnight.

We can do so much better. American’s have good hearts. We just need strong leadership to get us on track because we’ve gone oh so far astray.

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