Trying to Hang Ten on the Silver Tsumani

hang ten

Tonight I read a job posting on for an Assistant Director of Nursing Services at Golden LivingCenters. Most nurses know far too well the often pitiful condition of long term care facilities that warehouse our Wise Sages, those individuals that should be so greatly revered instead of tossed aside. OK, OK. But read this job listing below and tell me if you’d be comfortable having them care for your loved ones — the Job Advertisement is the set-up to the Minimum Qualifications and Preferred Qualifications, the latter two being where my heart sank.

Job Advertisement
 As a Assistant Director of Nursing Services at Golden LivingCenters, you know how special our nursing staff is to us. Thanks to our nurse managers, we are able to provide the best primary care to our patients. Your job is to oversee and enhance the entire department, providing meaningful recommendations for improvement and evaluating quality and ensuring our staff has everything they need to be successful. You’ll manage and meticulously monitor the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of nursing care and services provided to patients. Guaranteeing clinical excellence will be at the core of everything you do. Golden LivingCenters will be a brighter place because of your hard work in this highly respected and integral position.

Are you ready to take on this special role and oversee an excellent nursing staff because quality healthcare is that important to you? The right candidate will have experience in nurse management and be inspired to make a difference. Ideal Assistant Director of Nursing Services candidates should also have:

Discipline – Select All That Apply Nurse Management
General Nursing
Registered Nurse

Minimum Qualifications
* Must be a Registered Nurse (RN) in good standing and currently licensed by the State
* High school diploma or equivalent
* Minimum two (2) years full-time experience as licensed registered nurse providing direct resident care in a long term healthcare
* Must be capable of maintaining regular attendance

Preferred Qualifications
* Basic computer knowledge and ability with an aptitude to learn company software
* Must be able to maintain confidentiality regarding patient and company proprietary information

In all honesty I don’t know enough about Golden LivingCenters to pass judgement, but sadly I have to say that most are guilty until proven innocent; it’s the nature of the beast in 2013. This sloppy job description however makes it appear that maybe their HR department’s ad man was sleeping on the job, or they aren’t particularly selective of the nurses they hire — which equates to not taking good care of their staff and residents, or they’re in financial trouble. I’d be willing to bet it’s a little of all three.

The US is slowly becoming reactive to the healthcare needs of Baby Boomers and their families. But it’s never too late to become proactive and that’s what we’ll need to do if we really want to Hang Ten the Silver Tsunami.



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