Mass. Officials Say Nurses’ Lack of EHR Access Put Patients at Risk – iHealthBeat

Access to our client’s medical records via a smart EHR is crucial for safety. It amazes me how in this highly technological age we cannot seem to accomplish this task. Meanwhile people are suffering and dying from senseless medical errors by the thousands in the United States.

Malpractice rates are probably at on all time high although I do not know this to be true.

I don’t believe that implementing a decent electronic medical record is rocket science. It needs to be developed with great input by those of us on the front lines. Perhaps it is the administrators higher up who are holding the reins, and then when it trickles down to the front lines it falls apart. Then it is sent back to the drawing board, where it’s Dead On Arrival.

If you have had positive or negative experiences with electronic medical records, please share your thoughts. I would like to know your take on what you think is the problem.

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