Repost: The Turning at Labor Day –

IMG_1130The Turning at Labor Day –

This piece written for the NYT today, The Turning at Labor Day, spoke to me. It’s about the season changing from summer to fall, with its various nuances. Labor Day is a little like New Years Day; a time to reflect on what was, and what’s to come. New beginnings. Looking back. Realizing what happened yesterday can’t happen again, and we don’t really know anything about tomorrow, or if it will even come.

The leaves on the trees where I live have started turning those magnificent oranges, reds and yellows. On a recent hike I watched the leaves filtering down from the trees, landing on the earth beneath my feet, on the hard-pack dirt trail. The green that was so emerald when those leaves first emerged in spring, that surrounded me when I stood next to my car high up on the Blue Ridge Parkway back in April, have shifted gears, and are turning back to where their lives began, under the forest floor.

Fall was definitely in the air this weekend. It’s a nostalgic time for me, almost bittersweet. But I welcome it, because I know soon I’ll be putting on my blue down jacket, my warm, black boots, and my knitted hat, to go out walking with my dog in the cool October air.  And Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

What does this have to do with nursing or healthcare? Nothing, really. It’s just about life, and trying to remember to be present. Something we as nurses need to remind ourselves to do. Asheville has a love affair with bumper stickers. One I saw recently said “Wherever you are, be all there”.

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