Pretty in Pink and Corruption

Thanks for writing this post, it’s important to get the word out.

To many women with breast cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about the evils of pink.

From soup cans to Mustangs, many corporations saturate their products in pink during Breast Cancer Awareness month. These corporations’ incentives, many breast cancer advocates warn, however, may not be as good-hearted as they appear.

This advertising technique, called cause marketing, is a marketing strategy where charity is used to increase profits. Research from Cone Communications, a Boston consultancy, found that 79 percent of consumers would likely switch to a brand that supports a cause, all other things being equal.

“This is nuts,” breast-cancer patient, Jeanne Sather, 54, said. “Companies will take out an advertisement in a major magazine to tell you about their great donation, and the ad might cost more than the donation,” Sather said. “This is fairly typical.”

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