National Nurse Act of 2013

The National Nursing Network. I don’t know the current status of this but will start tracking it and will post what I find soon. Somehow I missed this.

We could have such a powerful voice, as I continue to say, if we could organize. I think it will happen because enough of us are fed up with “treatment as usual”. Stay active in your professional organizations and try your best to keep current on our issues. Sometimes it’s hard to do because most of us are just plain exhausted from the shifts we’re pulling, caring for families, trying to care for ourselves. But we have to keep pressing forward. It’s a protracted battle but the stakes are too high to give up.

National Nurse Act of 2013: HR 485 and S 1475.



National Nurse Act of 2013 – Amends the Public Health Service Act to establish the position of National Nurse for Public Health within the Office of the Surgeon General. Requires the individual serving as the National Nurse for Public Health to serve also as the Chief Nurse Officer of the Public Health Service. Includes among the duties of such position providing leadership and coordination of Public Health Service nursing professional affairs for the Office of the Surgeon General and other agencies of the Public Health Service, conducting media campaigns, and providing guidance and leadership for activities that will increase public safety and emergency preparedness.

Requires the National Nurse for Public Health to: (1) participate in identification of national health priorities, (2) encourage volunteerism of nurses and strengthen the relationship between government agencies and health-related national organizations, and (3) promote the dissemination of evidence-based practice in educating the public on health promotion and disease prevention activities.

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