Seth Rogen and Alzheimer’s: Mystery of the Empty Seats

In February 2014 Sen. Tom Harkin held a hearing about Alzheimer’s in America. There’s been an enormous storm of dialogue on social media that resulted from the 6 minute YouTube clip showing Seth Rogen’s testimony. But it wasn’t just his personal story about Alzheimer’s that’s caused such a ruckus. The backlash is about all the empty seats at the hearing. Here’s Seth’s testimony.

Because I was interested in seeing what happened before and after Seth’s testimony, I watched the entire 2.5 hour hearing. The best minds in science fighting Alzheimer’s were there answering questions. Congressman Dennis Moore, who recently resigned because of his own diagnosis of AD, also gave testimony. One would think that his own colleagues would be there in a show of support. But they weren’t. What a diss!

Here is a clip from an investigative story by CNN, soon after the hearing, where Seth Rogen is interviewed and they discuss the empty seats — at the end of this video please note that AD is now the 3rd leading cause of death, not the 6th:

If you’re interested in learning more and want to watch the full hearing, go to this site:

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