Wounded Warrior Project Spending 58% of Donations on Veterans

Wounded Warrior Project spends 58% of donations on veterans programs | Tampa Bay Times.



The Wounded Warrior Project continues to receive criticism for its handling of funds, including how much it’s paying out to staff members. A direct quote from this article in the Tampa Bay Times:

“We’re a direct service provider, dealing with some of the world’s greatest social ills,” Nardizzi said, referring to the charity’s more than 250 employees who provide services to veterans. “We hire the best of the best and we pay them a living wage.”

According to Steve Nardizzi, Wounded Warrior Project’s CEO, ten of their employees receive a $150,000 annual salary, and he pays himself a paltry sum of $330,000 annually. That’s hardly a “living wage”. I’m glad that there are some veterans who are benefiting from the program, but it does sound rather distasteful to receive such an income, doesn’t it?

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