Heroin Overdose Home Antidote Approved by FDA: Evzio



Press Announcements > FDA approves new hand-held auto-injector to reverse opioid overdose.

Evzio — Approved for use in April 2014, Evzio (naloxone hydrocloride injection) reverses opiate overdose in non-medical settings. Opiate overdoses are now the leading cause of death by injury in the US. Prior to the release of Evzio, in the event of an overdose, emergency response was by EMS or police, a huge barrier to treatment because of fears related to legal charges for criminal drug use.

Evzio needs to be seen as a harm-reduction tool, one that the public can become comfortable using, similar to needle exchange programs. Evzio can reduce the number of deaths and serious injury from overdose of prescription or non-prescription opiates, including heroin. Evzio works similarly to an epipen.

Evzio is injected into the muscle (intramuscular) or under the skin (subcutaneous). Once turned on, the device provides verbal instruction to the user describing how to deliver the medication, similar to automated defibrillators. Family members or caregivers should become familiar with all instructions for use before administering to known or suspected persons to have had an opioid overdose. Family members or caregivers should also become familiar with the steps for using Evzio and practice with the trainer device, which is included along with the delivery device, before it is needed.

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