Memorial Day 2014

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I have the honor and privilege to serve as a volunteer on the board of directors for Helios Warriors, a non-profit holistic clinic in Asheville, NC that provides many types of therapies to all veterans and their partners. Practitioners are licensed professionals who volunteer their time and talents. Clients at the clinic pay only according to what they can afford. Helios Warriors counts on donations to keep the doors open, not easy to do during these difficult economic times.

Yesterday at a fundraising event for Helios Warriors, I met the community outreach coordinator for another organization that’s recently begun in Asheville called Veterans Helping Veterans WNC. They’re mission is to end veteran homelessness:

“Veterans Helping Veterans of Western North Carolina is a Non Profit Organization that is operated under their parent organization Veterans Helping Veterans of America which is based out of Durham NC. VHVA was founded in 2009 by Ted Stevens a Vietnam Veteran. Both organizations were created as a means to an end to eliminate Veteran homelessness and to ensure that every Veteran is given an opportunity to succeed. Veterans Helping Veterans WNC has developed such a means by providing housing and job training in a sustainable community. The community will incorporate sustainable agriculture to provide food to the community and uses sustainable energy for power.”

Please spend a few moments today to give thought to the plight of these men and women who are currently serving or have served in our armed forces. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on. They sacrificed a lot for all of us, in the ultimate manner, and in return they have received very little support. Basics like health care and decent housing should be their right, not a privilege. Organizations such as Helios Warriors and Veterans Helping Veterans WNC are necessary and I’m glad they exist, but in a country with as much wealth as the US, they shouldn’t have to.

Thank you to all past and current veterans for all you’ve done, and continue to do, on behalf of all of us.



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