Month: January 2018

Holistic options for psychiatric NPs in long-term care



As a psych NP new to working in LTC settings I’m finding scant research on what to prescribe that has the fewest side effects. How can I incorporate holistic care into my practice? I prescribed chamomile for the first time but didn’t get the chance to evaluate it because the patient was discharged from the short-term rehab she was on. Aromatherapy is not being used enough, at least not in the facilities where I practice; how can I bring it to my practice in an easily delivered manner? I read where one psych NPs provided boxes of Lorna Doones for nurses to keep on the med carts and actually wrote orders for them to be used PRN. As long as diabetes isn’t an issue that might work but I haven’t found the nerve to use them yet!

If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them. If you know of resources, websites, articles, anything — please share.